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About Us


Founder & Head Photographer

Hey there!  I'm Tristen, the founder of Wander West. 


I have always had a soft spot for touching moments, I believe that is why I love photographing weddings and elopements so much.  There is so much raw emotion I always end up crying at every one!  I just love seeing people being so happy.  

Exploring is also something I am passionate about, which is why no wedding destination is out of bounds for me (my dream destination wedding to shoot would be Antarctica, wouldn't that be such a cool location?! - pun intended lol).  My life goal is to visit as many countries as I possibly can.  I may not have had the opportunity to see the majority of the world as of today, but I know someday I will have seen it all! 

I love capturing weddings because it's a day when you and your best friend promise to be with each other until your last breath, and that is truly beautiful.  Which is why the whole day should be about you both!   I'm here to help make your big day the best day ever by not only being your photographer, but by lending a hand if things get stressful, helping you make decisions, and being your personal guide throughout the whole day.  



I’m Stephanie, a Vancouver, BC based Boudoir and Wedding photographer.  I moved to the beautiful Vancouver Island from the UK around 2 years ago where my love of travel photography inspired me to move into portraiture and wedding photography.


I believe in capturing the little things resulting in a style that tells the unscripted story of your wedding day with all the details, big and small. My relaxed approach will allow you to take a deep breath and really enjoy the moment! 


My absolute favorite part of photographing weddings is capturing the intimate moments between friends and families that can sometimes be missed in amongst all of the excitement!  It's these little moments that make up all the fun throughout the day, and they deserve to be documented and remembered!



Hi friends! I'm Kaitie, I'm a Vancouver Island based portrait and boudoir photographer and the owner of KZ Photography.


I have been in the industry for around 10 years now. I started out in video and moved to photography after finding my passion for portraits. Within the last few years I've fallen in love with boudoir photography, and the empowerment it brings to those I photograph. I have experience with large weddings but have moved to smaller, more intimate weddings as I love capturing the raw emotion between couples.


My goal is to make sure you are feeling comfortable and safe at all times, and most importantly that you are having fun! My approach is to document those candid moments, the hugs, the tears, the sneaky kisses and those little moments you may forget down the road.

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