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Couples & Engagements

Making camera-shy couples comfortable and confident since 2018 - Let's document your unique love story!

Who You Are :

Just engaged and looking to celebrate!

Wanting to document you and your partners lives together

Planning your surprise engagement

Who We Are :

Experts on photographing all couples

Your personal guides and creative visionaries, here to help make your dream session come a reality 

Masters of documenting emotion

Ready to capture your love story!

Creating memorable and personable couple photos is one of my passions!  I believe that a successful couple photo session goes beyond just taking beautiful images; it's about capturing the unique connection between you and your partner while having a good time doing it.  Every couple is different and has their own story to tell, which is why I like to personalize each session to match your personalities and preferences.  For each session, I like to follow these three simple rules;

1. Have Fun!

It's so important to me that you both have a good time during your photo shoot!  When looking back on your photos you will always remember how the day felt not just how you look in them, you'll remember if it was a good day or a not-so-good day.  So I want to make sure everyone I work with has a fun experience and even the goofy shots bring a smile to your faces!  Some of the poses are silly and meant to showcase your goobery side, having an impromptu dance party in the middle of the woods with your partner is way more fun than standing around trying to force a smile and get the "perfect picture".  To me, the perfect pictures are the ones that showcase who you both really are together!

2. Pick a Location or Activity that Means Something to You

I believe it's important to choose a location that is special and meaningful to you as a couple.  It not only adds a personal touch to your session but also creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere which can result in more authentic and natural photos.  Getting your photos taken can be nerve-wracking for some!  Being in a familiar place can really help take away some of the anxiety of a photoshoot, especially if you haven't done one before.  Think about locations that hold significance to your relationship or even your individual personalities. Where your first date was, a hike you do all the time, maybe an activity you both love doing together!  Incorporating an activity or props that represent you both as a couple can really add a fun element to your photos.  It can be anything from playing a board game to bringing along your furry friend.

3. Wear something you feel good in

Choosing what to wear for your engagement session might seem like a small detail or maybe a daunting task depending on the person, but it can make a big difference in the outcome of your photos not always in the way you might think. Some photographers will want you to wear colors or tones that match their editing style best, but for me, I'd rather you feel your best! Feeling comfortable and confident in what you're wearing can help you relax and be yourselves.  As your photographer, I want to help you look and feel your best, so I always recommend choosing outfits that make you feel confident and reflect your personal style. Don't be afraid to show off your personality and have fun with your clothing choices!  Does it make sense that you're in a ballgown on a mountain? Maybe not but it would sure look cool! And if that's what you want, go for it!  If being comfortable and practical is more your jam then let's go with that.  You can always bring more than one option too and just go with the flow, you could be butt naked for all I care as long as you feel good!

Couple & Engagement Photography

Hi there! Tristen here,

I'd absolutely love to capture the love and joy of your relationship with a customized engagement or couples photoshoot! Whether you're planning or celebrating an engagement, anniversary, or just looking to document your love story, I can help you create a personalized experience tailored to your unique styles and personality. With my expertise in photojournalistic and candid photography, I strive to capture genuine moments that showcase the authenticity of your relationship. Servicing the Metro Vancouver and Victoria, BC areas, I specialize not only in capturing stunning photos by focusing on genuine emotion using prompts instead of stiff poses but also in providing you with timelessly edited photos that will never go out of style! 


Check out the photo packages below and contact me today to schedule your engagement or couples photoshoot.  Let me create a stunning collection of images that you'll cherish for a lifetime! 

All Photo Packages Listed Above Include: 

  • Location Scouting & Recommendations

  • Blemish Removal on all Final Images

  • A Downloadable Digital Gallery that Never Expires

  • Printing Rights & Access to an Online Print Shop

  • Free Use of Our Client Closet

  • The Option to Select Your Final Photos

  • A Fun Experience!

  • Amazing Photos That Capture Who You Are as a Couple 

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