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Congratulations you said "yes!"

But now you want to say "I do" and you're wondering...what do I do now?

Planning a wedding or elopement can seem really challenging, especially when you haven't done it before or you want it to be even better than the first time.  What do I actually need to get married? Do I want the whole shabang or something small and intimate? When should we even get married...and where?! 

It really can be overwhelming at first, but don't worry!  Here are some helpful tips and questions for you to pick the best wedding for YOU.

As a wedding photographer who has captured over 100 couples tie the knot, this is my free guide to help you plan out your perfect day. :)

What you NEED to legally be married in BC

A Comissioner

In BC a registered Commissioner must be present and sign a Marriage License for a couple to legally get married.  You can look here for someone near you! 

Marriage License

In the 3 months prior to your wedding you or your partner will need to buy a marriage license, only one of you will need to do this!  You can find where to get one here.


You’ll need to have two witnesses age 19 or older sign your Marriage Certificate in order to become legally married in BC.  They can be any two people you choose!

But what do I WANT at my wedding?

Now, this is the tricky part, there are just so many options! Is eloping right for you, or would you like to celebrate with the entire family and all your friends and their plus ones? Here are some helpful things you can do to pick what will make your day the most enjoyable.

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