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Breanne and Cody's Rainy-Day Mountain Wedding at the Raven Lodge

Hello, everyone! :)

I'm excited to share photos from Breanne and Cody's mountaintop wedding at the Raven Lodge on Vancouver Island. Nestled in the stunning Mt. Washington Alpine Resort, this celebration was a true reflection of their love for the mountains and the great outdoors.

Breanne and Cody wanted a wedding that was as relaxed and fun as their everyday life. With colorful spring-inspired florals and light, airy colors, the decor perfectly complemented the mountain landscape and the cozy cabin style of the Lodge.

Despite the on-and-off downpours, the atmosphere remained joyful and laid-back, just as they had envisioned!

The ceremony took place outdoors, with breathtaking views of the mountain range serving as the backdrop. Just as the ceremony began the weather took a turn for the worse, pelting us with small bits of hail. Instead of letting it dampen their spirits, everyone laughed at the absurdity of it all. The bridal party laughed as they walked up to the alter, Cody and the guests joining in. When Breanne, escorted by her dad, walked down the aisle, her smile was bright and joyful. Cody's face lit up with pure excitement at the sight of her. There wasn't a dry eye at the ceremony, and it wasn't just from the rain. It was a touching and happy ceremony regardless of the weather.

After the ceremony, the weather went back to the typical overcast of the PNW. We were able to get the bridal party and couple photos in without any more hail!

As pretty as it would have been I think everyone was thankful for the change in weather.

The reception was filled with laughter and joy, despite a minor mishap—their multi-tier cake toppled over before dinner! No one saw how it happened, but it added to the day's memorable moments.

Breanne and Cody's main request was for candid photos of their guests enjoying the day, and capturing these moments was a true delight.

Despite the weather challenges, we powered through, and the couple and their families were over the moon with the final photos. Reflecting on the day, it was a joyful and fun experience, and I'm incredibly happy with how the photos turned out. They showcase everyone having a great time, regardless of the rain and hail.

Breanne and Cody's adventurous spirits shone through in their photos. We found a nearby spot with stunning views of the mountains, although we had to skip the ski lift due to the unpredictable weather. Nonetheless, I was still able to capture amazing shots of the couple enjoying each other and the beautiful scenery.

My advice to other couples planning their wedding is to go with the flow and embrace the experience, rain or shine! It's a day that only happens once and I think we should enjoy it no matter how everything plays out. Something easier said than done of course, but the important part of a wedding (besides getting the paperwork done!) is that you have a good time with your partner.

Breanne and Cody's wedding is a testament to the beauty and fun that can come from unexpected weather. It’s a reminder that the most important thing is to enjoy the day and cherish the moments, no matter what nature throws your way.

I hope their story inspires you to embrace whatever comes your way on your special day and to find joy in every moment, just like Breanne and Cody did.

Thanks so much for reading and checking out my works from their wedding! :)

Contributors to this Wedding

Photographer: Tristen Macmillan, Wander West Lead Photographer

Location and Wedding Venue: Mt. Washington Ski Resort, Raven Lodge (

Florist: Bezaire Floral (

HMUA: Shelby Lynn Professional Makeup (



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