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Short & Simple: 2-Hour Vancouver Elopement in Redwood Park

The highlights of a two-hour elopement in Redwood Park in Surrey, BC that took place this May!

There really is nothing like getting married surrounded by trees, your parents, and your best friend. That's all that M & J wanted for their wedding before heading off to Thailand for their big event in June to have a large and traditional wedding with J's family.

After getting all the legal matters done we leisurely wandered around the park taking photos wherever we saw a spot that looked good!

This is one of my favorite parts about short and simple elopements is that there is just a loose plan and the goals of the day are; 1. Get Married, and 2. Have Fun!

We took a few photos where they had the ceremony (because the lighting was so perfect there!) then ventured over to a cabin nearby for a couple more shots.

Next, we headed to a field and then went off trail for some moodier wedding photos in the ferns. I'm a huge sucker for ferns! Thankfully there really isn't a shortage of them here in the pacific northwest.

After that, they showed off their cute matching shoes and we found the coolest place in the whole park! A stunning field of wildflowers!

This was such an amazing find that we were all thrilled about. M & J had come to scope the park out in the fall so there definitely weren't any flowers around at the time. We spent a decent amount of time taking photos of the two of them here before the sun started getting a bit hot and we went back into the shade of the woods.

The last stop before they took off to go have a BBQ with more friends and family at home was this super cute area that had hundreds of little hand-painted birdhouses. And that was it! M & J did the paperwork, had a quick and fun afternoon with me and we legally married!

It really was so much fun working with these two, and I know I say that about all my couples but the truth is they all are a ton of fun to work with and be around! I love capturing these moments for people to have and look back on for the rest of their lives. :)

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