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A Summer of Love - Anna & Sofie

As a sister of, best friend of, old roommate to, and lastly a member of the LGBTQ+ family I support and celebrate all love and I always will! Every couple deserves the right to have amazing photos and a photographer that is comfortable capturing the loving moments they share with each other.

Last year I really wanted to engage in the community more. As a she/her Pansexual who had only ever been in serious relationships with men, I never felt as accepted or included as a LGBTQ+ member. But in June and over the summer, I met so many others in the same situation and many more who welcomed me into the family with open arms. Including this wonderful couple Anna and Sofie who I worked with during a super hot day last summer! Thank goodness we did the photo shoot pretty early in the morning to avoid the heat.

Our session started out meeting on Davie Street in Vancouver, we took photos at the iconic Pride sidewalk, then made our way down to the beach. They had never done a photo shoot together and were so excited to show everyone how happy (and adorable!) they are together.

Look how cute they are together!!! 😍

I love chatting and getting to know couples better during photo sessions. We talked about life, how Sofie's modelling career was going, what they wanted to do the rest of the summer, and deeper topics like how they didn't always feel comfortable as a couple in public. I remember they were grateful to me for staring down people who leered and for being so comfortable with them when they would kiss or cuddle.

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